Thank you for purchasing Practical Solutions software on the Microsoft Store!  Microsoft requires us to provide a Privacy Policy for any software sold in the Store.

Here is the privacy policy and it's pretty simple:

Practical Solutions is committed to 100% privacy. Its software will never collect or transmit/share your personal information, period. Our software will never [autonomously or otherwise] collect or transmit any personal information or files on your device to any outside party.

If you would like to report a bug, please send an email to Please specify the application name and as much detail as you can. Thank you.

Additional Information for Our Applications

Desktop Stock Ticker:

  • Latest news: 9/12/2021 - The prior release (1.3.6) fixed docking issues if your Windows text scaling is greater than 100%, but did not properly handle multiple monitor configurations where each monitor has a different text scaling setting .  This release (1.3.7) should address that. This release should be available within the next few days, pending the Microsoft Store certification process.
  • Beginner's tutorial video
  • International (non-US) stocks support: how to enter stock symbols for them. For example, IEX Cloud has wide support for international stock exchanges, but you need to know the exchange suffix to use...
  • Adding your own stock quote cloud provider Google Doc
  • Adding crypto quotes using the Tiingo quotes provider
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